Our Philosophy

We believe that marriage matters. It is more than a committed relationship with a 50% chance of failure. It is more than a tax break. We believe that a great marriage will change the world by its impact on everyone that comes into contact with it. This is important.

We often get asked what our favorite aspect of photographing a wedding is, and we always say that we love what it does for our own marriage. We are blessed to witness and document stories of couples at their very best. It inspires our own relationship by reminding us why we are on this crazy adventure together.

Our goal is to deliver that same inspiration to all of our couples. We want to give every couple their own unique story that captures exactly why they showed up to their wedding so that they have a lasting reminder to always come back to whether things are going well or whether things are incredibly hard. We want every couple to see how they looked at each other. We want every couple to see how they laughed or how they cried. We want them to remember how they felt and never forget.

Marriage is THE adventure, and a wedding is the start. Remembering the start with all of its value and meaning is lasting inspiration.