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How Does This Work?

We have two types of Family Sessions:

1. Mini Sessions - rapid fire 30 minute portrait sessions that we do seasonally with multiple families on the same day.  These are fantastic for Christmas Cards as well as for kids (& husbands) that won't last for a longer session! Sign up for our email list to find out about the next time we schedule one.

2. Family Lifestyle Sessions - Photographs for an hour anywhere in the DC area. These are mostly documentary, and focused on capturing amazing raw candid imagery of your family.    

Where Do We Go?

We can come to a location near you, to your home, or we can help pick a great location.  Usually we look for places with lots of open space and minimal strangers in the background.  For our seasonal Mini Sessions we do them in Leesburg.  

Do You Do Newborn Photos?

We do lifestyle newborn photos in a documentary fashion. We do these in your house soon after the baby comes home, or we can document the delivery experience in the hospital.

What If My Kids Are Terrible?

We have 3 tiny humans and we get it! We often can't predict or control our kids, and we invite you to let the stress of that go.  We'll still get great pictures of your kid no matter what, but at the same time it's hard to cover up parent stress in photos.  So regardless of what happens, we invite you to go with the flow and enjoy the time!

How Many Photos Do You Take?

It varies greatly, depending on what we do during the time such as focusing on candid shots vs formal shots.  Mini Sessions typically average around 50 images.  Full sessions typically average 100+.

How Quickly Do We Receive The Photos?

Within 3 weeks of the session date.    

Do We Own The Photos?

We give out written permission when we deliver the photos for you to make unlimited personal copies and prints for personal use.  As long as you're not turning around and selling them or re-editing them with wacky filters and republishing them then you can pretty much do whatever you'd like with them!

How Do We Receive The Photos?

All of your photos will be available through an online proofing gallery.  You'll be able to download the high-res digital files directly from your gallery.  You are also welcome to order prints through our professional lab.