Do We Own The Rights to the Images?

We send a written permission print release so that you can make unlimited personal copies and prints. As long as you’re not selling the images, entering them into photo contests, or submitting to blogs without us knowing about it, you can do whatever you’d like with them!

How Many Images Do You Deliver For A Wedding?

It really depends on the length of the wedding and what's going on.  500-700 is a good average.  

How Fast Do We Receive Our Images?

Weddings are delivered within six weeks. Engagements are delivered within three weeks.

How Do We Get The Digital Images?

We deliver the digital files as a direct download to your computer. After your photos are shared through your gallery you'll receive an email with download links for all of the high-res images.

What if One Or Both Of You Can't Be There?

Unless we are in the hospital or not breathing we will be there. As a boutique couple team there is some risk that a disaster could happen, but we promise that we will be there unless a crazy emergency prevents us. We also have an amazing network of photographers both locally and nationally that are always willing to help in an emergency. We currently have never missed a wedding to date. We’ve both shot sick. Steve has shot with a broken toe. Bernadette shot 37 weeks pregnant on a 109 degree July day. We’ll be there.



Do You Do Traditional Formal Portraits at Weddings?

Yes! We know that traditional family portraits are super important to almost every couple, and certainly every mother and grandmother. We have a very organized method to move through them quickly so we can either get on to other pictures, or so you can get on to the party!

How Do We Book You?

A signed contract and a 30% deposit of the total service.  As soon as you're ready, let us know and we'll prepare everything.  We do contracts and invoices online so it's super convenient.

How Would You Describe Your Style?

We are storytellers. We document the beginning of a couple’s marriage. How we tell that story is largely journalistic and documentary, but also very intentional. We put a great deal of effort into understanding every couple and their relationship so that our journalism is grounded in that unique story.

What Do You Shoot With?

Mainly Nikon and Fujifilm digital gear. Sometimes we shoot a roll or two of film for fun. We also have backup gear and equipment insurance. 

How Long Have You Been Doing This?

Currently in Season Seven!

Do You Always Shoot Together?

Most of the time, yes.  If it's not possible then Steve will find a second shooter.  

How Many Weddings Do You Shoot A Year?

15 has been our usual cap, but for 2018 we are accepting up to 25.