There's always room for one more!

Add more awesome to your wedding or event with our open-air photo booth, designed to liven every party.

This isn't one of those creepy cramped curtain booths you see in shopping malls.  This doesn't churn out those tiny low quality prints that quickly end up in the trash can. This is a booth that puts the power of creativity literally into your guests hands, letting them take from 1 to infinity photos, and providing high-res digital images to everyone for social sharing. 

Why choose our photo booth?

1. More Photos of Your Guests

We focus on documenting the story of the day, but at the reception we mainly document the action of the party and not every guest hits the dance floor.  The photo booth is a great way to get a whole lot more images and portraits of your guests, and it usually brings out the fun side of them!

2. Self-Operated

Our booth puts the control fully in your guests hands with a remote clicker that lets them take as many photos as they like from the booth. They can instantly see the result on the screen in front of them. We will have a booth attendant there to set everything up, show everyone how to work it, but there are no other dependencies on needing one of us to run it which means that the two of us are focused on documenting your event.  We have also found that the self-operated control let's guests get way more creative by not feeling like they're posing in front of a photographer.

3. Open And Inviting

Our booth is "open air" which means that it fits as many guests as can cram into the frame (4-6 comfortably, and something closer to 15 uncomfortably).  In addition to supporting larger groups, the open style means that your guests will see everything that's happening which inspires more creativity and more interest in other people getting in on the action.  

4. Digitals Over Prints for Social Sharing and Lasting Memories

Most photo booth prints are low quality and end up in a trash can or bent in pockets. We skip that entirely and go straight to delivering something high quality and lasting. Our booth comes with a kiosk for guests to provide their email. Within 48 hours of the event we email them (and you!) with an online gallery of all the photos.  They can download the high-res images, share them to social media, and order prints from one place!  We also offer photo books if you want to create a coffee table book of your favorites!

5. Quality for Days!

Our booth has a professional grade digital SLR and a studio flash system packaged into a sleek looking compact casing. The result is high-quality, high-res images. Your guests could blow these up into giant prints if they wanted, and they will look fantastic you want to make an album.



What are my background options?

Our booth comes with a large 8x8 flush white backdrop, but if you want us to design something custom we can do that! You can also consider venue walls, shower curtains, and fabric patterns.

More DIY Inspiration: Click Here

Do you provide props?

We don't because we don't want every wedding to look the same, but we can help you find them!

Order Props: Click Here

Order Animal Masks: Click Here

DIY Inspiration: Click Here

How much space is needed?

10x10x8 with close range to a 3 prong outlet. We usually recommend somewhere near the entrance to the main reception area that's high traffic for encouraging maximum participation.

How much does it cost?

$750 for the first 3 hours. $100 for additional hours. For more custom options contact us for our comprehensive pricing guide.

Can I use it outside?

Only if it's a covered area such as under a tent or pavilion.  Otherwise the booth should be operated indoors for best lighting control and no weather problems.


Our photo booth operates year round and not exclusively at weddings where we are doing the photography.  If you want to rent the booth for your wedding or event fill out the form below and we'll be in touch right away!