Harpers Ferry, Murphy-Chambers Farm Hike

D750, VSCOfilm

Rosemary Mae.  Nikon F100.  Portra 400.

Wedding trip to Nashville.  Nikon F100.  Portra 400.

July 4th Parade.  The first of many town parades from our front porch!

Easter 2015

This still makes me so sad to remember.  These were from the weekend Rosie got pneumonia and ended up in the hospital for 3 days hooked up to oxygen.  She had a 105 degree fever and it broke my heart to watch.

This is an older roll of black and white film that was from a couple days before and after Luke's birth.

Hanging out with Uncle Rich on Kent Island from earlier this summer.  I guess I forgot to photograph the glorious crab feast because I was too busy feasting.

Nikon F100.  Portra 400.

I'm not sure how old these are, but I think this was some time in 2014.  Love discovering old film!

Nikon F100.  Portra 400.