Do We Own The Rights to the Images?

Our contract includes a print release so that you can make unlimited personal copies and prints. As long as you’re not selling the images, entering them into photo contests, or submitting to blogs without us knowing about it, you can do whatever you’d like with them!

How Many Images Do You Deliver For A Wedding?

It really depends on the length of the wedding.  600-800 for most full day packages.  

How Fast Do We Receive Our Images?

Weddings are delivered within six weeks of the wedding. Engagements are delivered within four weeks.

Can we get a sneak peak after the wedding?

In order to ensure that we deliver all of our client photos as fast as humanly possible we typically do not share sneak peaks right after the wedding. 

How Do We Receive The Digital Images?

We deliver the digital files as a direct download to your computer. You'll be able to download them from your online gallery once the images are shared. We provide both high-res images (optimized for printing) and also social media size (optimized for screens).

What if One Or Both Of You Can't Be There?

Unless we are in the hospital or not breathing we will be there. As a boutique team there is always a risk that a disaster could happen, but we promise that we will make every effort to be there unless an emergency prevents us. We also have an amazing network of photographers both locally and nationally that are always willing to help in an emergency. We currently have never missed a wedding to date after 8 seasons. We’ve both shot sick. Steve has shot with a broken toe. Bernadette shot 37 weeks pregnant on a 107 degree day.

Our venue requires vendor insurance. Do you have this?

Yes! If your venue requires a certificate of our insurance we can email them a copy.

Do you do venue walkthroughs?

We do not. Most of the day we photograph documentary style and do not setup shots in any way or require advanced planning. Portraits are the exception, but the number one influencer of portrait locations is lighting. We base that off real time information on your wedding day since it changes heavily based on season, weather and time of day.


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Do You Do Traditional Formal Portraits at Weddings?

Yes! We know that traditional family portraits are super important to almost every couple, and certainly every mother and grandmother. We have a very organized method to move through them quickly so we can either get on to other pictures, or so you can get on to the party!

How Do We Book You?

A signed contract and a 50% deposit of the total service.  As soon as you're ready, let us know and we'll send a proposal. We do contracts and invoices online.

How Would You Describe Your Style?

We are storytellers. How we tell that story is largely journalistic and documentary, but also very intentional. We put a great deal of effort into understanding every couple and their relationship so that our journalism is grounded in that unique story. Our couple portraiture is creatively directed to make artistic inspiring images tailored to each couple, while still rooted in being honest and candid.

What Do You Shoot With?

We shoot with Fujifilm digital gear. We also have backup gear, and can handle almost any lighting situation. 

How Long Have You Been Doing This?

2019 is Season NINE!

Do You Always Shoot Together?

Yes. We like each other.

Do you split up during the day to shoot different things?

Usually only for getting ready photos. 

How Many Weddings Do You Shoot?

30ish per year. This is our full time job.

Do you offer video?

We are beginning to offer video in 2019! We believe that photography and videography should work together cohesively. We see a lot of redundancy in how video and photos are captured. Our view is that video’s primary role is to document the feeling of the day, brought to life through music and motion.