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We want to be more than just another vendor that shows up to your wedding with a shot list. 

We want to get to know you as a couple. We want to know what makes you, you. We want to know MORE than the style of your wedding or the Pinterest board of poses you like. The two of you and your relationship are so much more than those details, and we only get one chance to tell the story of the day that you start your marriage together. The story of how a life long journey begins. The story of your dearest family and friends that have formed you as people. The story of a love that will change your world and the world around you. After the wedding ends what we create together is the one thing that lasts and lets the memories carry on for future generations. 

You deserve to find a photographer that will tell your story right. If you think that could be us then please know we are humbled, honored and beyond excited. If you're nervous or scared because you're not good in front of a camera we can promise you that we're going to make this experience fun, laid back and something that will let you forget about cameras because we're here to get you lost in the moment of focusing on the amazing person that you're choosing to spend the rest of your life with.

Great relationships lead to great stories. We would LOVE to start getting to know you so let's do this!

Please use the form or email us at hello@anendlesspursuit.com and we'll send you our complete pricing options for weddings, engagements or family portraits.

All wedding coverage includes both Steve & Bernadette and all of the edited digital images with unlimited sharing and printing rights.

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