Weddings are never the same because people are never the same. There's no greater misguided lie in our profession than to say that once you've photographed enough weddings that they all blur together. We try our best to open our eyes to the people we meet because there's always a unique story to celebrate. More often than not, those stories end up moving us in a very personal way. They inspire our own marriage, reminding us why we are in this journey together and why we have so much to fight for. Having said that, it only makes sense that at the end of the day on this particular wedding we climbed into our car, smiled at one another, and gave each other a very satisfying high-five.

This is the story of the wedding of Libby and George, and how two families became one family. Libby and George are farmers outside of Baltimore. We met them for the first time on their fourth generation farm a few months back along with their kids and received a glimpse into their life.

On the wedding day Libby and the girls got ready in the old historical homestead at the Agricultural History Farm Park before processing out back to the ceremony where they were married in a field under a large oak tree looking out over the corn fields. The live band played bluegrass in the barn during the cocktail hour before the guests walked over to the big tent for dinner. The produce and meat for dinner was straight from Libby and George's farm, served in large family style platters. We can personally attest that the food was amazing! The guests walked back to the big red barn to dance the evening away, and we spent our last moments with Libby and George as the sun set over the farm.

Stop reading, hit play, and join us in the celebration of Libby + George!