Happy New Years! 2013 is here and we are thrilled to be part of it. 2012 was an absolutely crazy year for us in all aspects of life, and to close it out we wanted to share just a few of the many experiences that left us with nothing but gratitude.

1. Ashley and Jeremy.

These two humble artists welcomed us into their home in Kansas City last February. They took our whole world and they rocked it. We left their house in love with life, in love with each other, feeling truly inspired. They've helped shape our marriage, our business, and our outlook on life.


2. Our photog friends.

We owe so much to our amazing friends, and we've made so many new ones this year! We've been so blessed with encouragement and love from Alexander Johnnides, Brandon Lata, Kelly and Ray Siler, Brad and Jen Butcher, Heidi and Kevin Hebert, Sarah and Cedric Garman. Thank you, friends. We sincerely mean it when we say we wouldn't be here today without each one of you.


3. Luis and Jeannette.

They humbled us greatly with a simple phone call to tell us how much their wedding images meant to them after they finished looking through the entire batch. We're so thankful for their joyful wedding day and their friendship.


4. The Norton Family.

This sweet story of adoption had so much hope and redemption and reminded us why we love to document life and the stories that define it. These little dancing feet will always make us smile.


5. Yasmeen and Homam.

We are so thankful for sunshine and the chance we had to do wedding portraits for this couple a year after their wedding since they never had any portraits taken on their own wedding day. We were gratified to give them the chance to relive their day and relive all the reasons they said "I do."


6. Ellie.

Our second sweet little girl came into the world in July and she brings us new joy every day. She's the most content and pleasant baby we've ever known and we love her so much.


7. Rosie.

She is such a reminder to us on how to live. She loves with everything she has. She does everything with passion and energy. She smiles constantly. Our sweet two year old makes us thankful to always have a reason to laugh and smile.


8. Sarah and Jeff.

We are thankful for the sincerity that Sarah and Jeff put into their wedding, their relationship with each other, and their relationship with us. It was an honor to witness their day.


9. A Home.

Moving into our own home this year has been one of the best things to ever happen to us. We are constantly in awe of how blessed we are to raise our little family here. Our neighbors, our church, our town, and everything about it make us so excited to build a life here.


10. Kalsoom and Jay.

This couple and this wedding was such a perfect example of why we love what we do. To them and all of our other 2012 couples, you strengthen our own marriage by your example and love and make us so excited to be married ourselves.