We are Steve & Bernadette Dalgetty, a husband & wife team, from Leesburg, Virginia. We photograph amazing stories that celebrate marriage in the greater DC area and everywhere else!  

We can't wait to hear from you, but first, here are 20 Facts about us...

1. parenthood has made us tired, frazzled, JOYFUL, SILLY, selfless, and fulfilled.

2. we LOVE to go on dates because food is amazing, and also we like each other.

3. WE DATED 3 times before it all worked out.

4. An Endless Pursuit is named after the above FACT.

5.WE LIVE in a 125 year-old home.

6. we plan to stay there UNTIL WE DIE.

7. we own a SEXY, black MINIVAN for which we feel no shame.

8. we have three kids under the age of seven. they MAKE US BETTER people. except in the morning.

9. our town is a collision of city and country, and WE LOVE it.

10. OUR conversations are the collision of inappropriate SARCASM and respectful depth.

11. the longer we're together, the WEIRDER WE GET and the more we laugh at stupid things.

12. we consider good conversation a great reason to STAY UP LATE.

13. one time WE DROVE 2600 MILES in 45 hours to get to our friend's wedding BECAUSE all flights were canceled from snow.

14. we love THE OCEAN. it makes everything better.

15. BERNADETTE likes fruits and veggies. STEVE does not.

16. STEVE likes coffee. BERNADETTE does not.

17. bernadette once shot a wedding 37 WEEKS PREGNANT in 107 degree weather.

18. steve once shot a wedding with a BROKEN TOE

19. it rained on our WEDDING DAY. isn't it ironic?

20. documenting our own life in photographs helps us to savor MEMORIES and remind ourselves of what it is like to be on the other side of the camera lens.

Photos on this page and throughout our website by our legendary photo heroes, The Image Is Found.

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